all cultures are not the same, and there is right and wrong

By morphing our culture into secular humanism where G-d is the enemy debate is banned from the colleges except if it’s socialist atheist hate G-d and Hate Israel.


And don’t forget moral relativism – all cultures are not the same, and there is right and wrong – and capital punishment and the draft are sorely in need of reconstitution.
Recently, a sickening piece of crony capitalism has reared its head in Venezuela.


A once great democracy supplied with vast oil reserves, their people should be far more prosperous, BUT with internal politics with Colombia and FARC and their civil war brought Chavez e on the scene. He promised Nirvana and was elected in Venezuela and the socialism became extreme.


American progressive left; i.e., THE DEMOCRAT PARTY, extolled the Chavistas as God’s gifts to social justice and democracy.






Getting back to crony capitalism – Goldman Sachs bought two billion dollars of Venezuela’s bonds so Maduro can continue to communize the suffering starving people of Venezuela.


High time the U.S. government broke up these monopolies that bring discredit to the very name American capitalist democracy.


And I say this as a politically conservative Jew who’s fought the religious war for Judaism all my life against the leftism that’s always been highly evident in the Jewish world.


If Europe does not wake up they will live in the New Ottoman Empire.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

…and now the world is in chaos.

The battle was lost during Bill Clinton’s Presidency when he fought the war against Serbia for Islam, but cloaked it all in with human rights concerns.


…because Milosevic was such a “bad man.”


And then came 9/11 and George Bush messed things up with nation building…


and overthrowing…


and killing Saddam…


but with no planning it left Iraq in chaos with the Sunni army demobilized and majority Shia in control. Anarchy spread and it took a surge after five years to stabilize the place.


Obama became President and he sabotaged everything.


…and now the world is in chaos.


Trump’s presidency is hanging by a thread because the radicalized Democrats are sworn to get him.  The combination of domestic Democrat obstruction, North Korea, China, Iran and ISIS constitute a world in chaos. The United States no longer has the military strength or the moral will to achieve stability and peace.

Where’s the thinking?
The epitome of the college campus is dominated by the insane left in Berkeley and there may be one or two exceptions but that’s about it. Let’s add America’s great concern with who goes in what bathroom!


Let’s stop any delusion that we have any chance of reversing all of this.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

“…small ivy-covered North Koreas.”

College campuses in America are Democrat success stories after 2 Obama terms —

Whereas orthodox Jewish theology holds for the particularity of “chosenness” and the universality of concern for the world.This is the flaw is for the Jewish world from hard left to hard right “a universality of concern.”

It inextricably morphs into secular humanism, abortion, and globalist control of nation-states. Western civilization is damned with George Soros’ foundations and his money. Israel may be terminated, and here, every American college and graduate school will be in Mao’s and Lenin’s image.

“…small ivy-covered North Koreas.”

America will become the crown jewel of the Caliphate –


Just look at Pelosi and the entire DNC.
And for good measure… throw in all Jewish Democrat office holders.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

they are as silent as they were in the Holocaust times.

In the September issue of Commentary there is an essay by Meir Soloveichik in which he discusses J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy, The Hobbit, presenting the effort to restore the Middle Earth kingdom occupied by dwarves and elves and a wizard whose kingdom had been destroyed by a dragon.

The later sequel, The Lord of the Rings, written in Hitler’s war both of which in imputed literary style characterizes Jewish survival, condition and the conflict between living in memory and seeking fulfillment of the return to The Land.

Those Jews who are rooted in modernity do not feel the God-given continuity of Covenant to Zionist recapture and rebuilding of The Land.
And given the opportunity to add to Soloveichik’s essay, I would add what has been the prime directive of my life: The link is not pure orthodoxy, which can quickly become anti-Zionist theory steeped in Messianism.

It equally modernity can become non-Jewish Democrat socialism which subverts both Covenant and Zionism. It can also morph into secular humanism and George Soros’s brand of  “a world without borders.”

It is linked with Moslem hegemony over Christianity and Judaism. Too many Jews are being attracted to the Black-Lives-Matter-ideology. They are becoming “BDS advocates” – buying the lies about Jews and Israel spouted by linkage of radical Democrat left in America and Islam.

That union makes the American Jewish kid on college campus an object of hate, persecution and it does get physical and the Jewish establishment (owned by the Democrat Party of Obama and Clinton). they are as silent as they were in the Holocaust times.


Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur with Rabbis afraid to speak up and raise hell is an abomination to God. Thus in the large majority of circumstances I can testify, over a lifetime, that most High Holiday services have no merit for Zionist long-term Jewish survival in a New World Order.

A world order that Jews themselves have helped the hard left create.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit


Our country is weaker now

The current Ukraine government is largely progeny of the Pro-Nazis who collaborated when Hitler conquered Ukraine.

They overthrew the pro-Russian government and U.S. and NATO instructed them not to try to fight Russia when Putin took over Crimea which Russia has wanted throughout its history.
For the Jews of Ukraine, they are under the gun and there is no point quibbling over street naming – They are happy not to have real anti-Jewish hate.  Several relief organizations work to feed and support the Jewish community in Ukraine.
Mobilizing for war on Russia’s borders is U.S. NATO policy.

In other news…

Trump better learn to think before he speaks.  You don’t attack parents of fallen soldiers regardless of race religion or national origin.

His substantive policy may be correct (and Trump’s is) but he throws it away with his mouthmost unfortunate to give victory to his most undeserving opponent.

China is moving to push U.S. out of Western Pacific and they’ve been on huge military buildup and their military is dying to sink some U.S. aircraft carriers and humiliate the United States with their artificial island bases in South China Sea.

Our country is weaker now.

It’s so bad that that planes can’t fly because of lack of spare parts — Obama has done a job on America’s military and gotten away with it.

The nation is with illegals and Hillary supports amnesty and Democrat Party as a whole does the same with some window dressing.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

They are the new owners of the Party

History is a lost art.

Never reported by the secular Democrat media that literally hates God and religion.

NOTE: George Washington, at the darkest moments, prayed to God and Benjamin Franklin when the constitutional convention was stalled on the brink of collapse, called on three days of prayer and then they got it together.

And of course, Abraham Lincoln and there were many moments in the Civil War when all seemed lost and in his speeches he always called on the Almighty.

How did Democrat loyalty among the immigrants from Eastern Europe, Jews and Catholics, become so stark?


In New York, Boston and the other inner cities, the Democrat machine that ran the city took care of the immigrants. They welcomed them, provided a bag of coal, when necessary and food to tide them over when looking for a job. They always made sure they had a place to sleep no matter how minimal Thus a deep abiding loyalty developed, and country club Republicans never had a clue. They hardly even existed in the inner city. The fact that Southern Democrats were racists and held to segregation and Jim Crow and were deeply prejudiced, made no moment in the north –

…for that was a different world.

That explains the cultural lag that holds minorities to be Democrat – white and black and gay and Hispanic minorities –- because Democrats worked on absorption.

Thus, even when things changed profoundly and drastically and Democrats became leftists, G-d haters, abortion lovers, in thrall to Black Lives Matter and New Black Panther Party and basically in thrall also to the likes of Cornel West and James Zogby and remember 2012 Democrat Convention platform amendment when they forgot the  obligatory words about Israel and Jerusalem. Three times the delegates and activists roared no but the Chair under orders from Obama lied “yes” voice votes by 2/3.

Today is infinitely worse, because now Obama’s Democrats are owned by BLM and the grievance industry and of course the Moslem propagandists like CAIR and Islamic Society of North America. All the groups joining in the long term Islamic effort get unlimited migration for the ultimate purpose of takeover (as they are doing in Europe). They have an infinite amount of time. Hillary will continue to magnify the migration.

They are the new owners of the Party

The old coalition is cast to the winds but the white coalition that elected Roosevelt on top of the Solid South and 128 automatic Electoral College votes because of cultural lag has never woken up!

Even though Democrats betrayed them.

…and there can be more to  come.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

the largest sector class of traitors to America is the professor class in America’s colleges.

It is safe to say nobody seeing this knows what “disparate impact” or “cultural lag” or “normalcy bias” is.

It’s also safe to say that the largest sector class of traitors to America is the professor class in America’s colleges. They are training a whole generation to be worthless ideologues knowing nothing of value like the three thousand year sweep of history covering Israel and the Temples, Greece and Rome, and how the world of Beowulf and Shakespeare and then the Renaissance and our age came to be.

All that to quote the ignorant idiocy of what’s taught to minorities, as “modern-humanist thinking.”

It is an old old evil of old white men whose only achievement is to discriminate against the high ideals of “traditional western civilization.”

The government can’t spend enough money for this generation to get viable jobs because their brains have been rotted-out by liberalism, atheism and assorted types of hate-Jews, hate-Christians, hate-God. They support Obama’s appeasement of Iran because that’s the New World Order.   We need a replacement for Hitler’s New World Order.

Disparate impact says if a ten percent minority is considered to commit ten percent of the crime, and the reality is say thirty percent at least, when law enforcement tries to do their job they will now be barred from receiving federal money until they “mend their ways,.” More and more, officers of the law just look away and don’t arrest or ticket because they must not let themselves be called a racist.



Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit