Despite what Mike Savage says…

Despite what Mike Savage says…

I’ve always had reservations about Trump.  Michael Weiner’s (Savage’s real name) heart and mind are in the right place, but he does have a blind spot when it comes to recognizing Trump’s lack of substance.

Conservative-Republicans have been burned before.

Remember: Jesse Ventura and Arnold Schwarzenegger?  RINOs at best, both celebrity opportunist.  Worst than Savage’s naivete,  We still have to worry about the influences of the star-chasers and political Shills,  like Sean Hannity. He will always let himself be used for the ratings.  Shame on him and his phony, self-serving, pseudo-intellectual shows.

Unlike Reagan, there’s little substance to Trump.  My hope is still with Cruz. He could pull off the nomination if Trump continues to falter.

When will the Republican population stop feeling and start thinking!?!


Reaganman –

The Republican Washington establishment is Boehner and McConnell – the epitome of negative accomplishment.

Have you ever counted the number of conservative organizations that make believe they can accomplish something as they fund-raise?

Good exercise.  Big number.

What’s the truth?  The Republican Washington establishment is Boehner and McConnell – the epitome of negative accomplishment.

Further, take Bob Corker’s phony attempt to hold Obama’s feet to the fire, when it is actually a capitulation and amnesty will happen.

The sellout of the West from Israel to Iran, making sure they get the nuclear bomb. It will happen and millions of fraudulent votes will be counted to elect Hillary.

The Republicans from left to right are afraid of the media.

They are afraid to go on talk shows and tell the interlocutors that they are immoral servants of the Obama Administration (just as Nazi media under Goebbels served Hitler’s cause).

And if you want to know the truth, there are countless millions of blacks and Hispanics and folks in the legal line to become citizens. They have all been propagandized to the point where they think and vote the way the Democrats want them to so they can continue to be held on the plantation…

used as pawns

…in the drive to collectivist socialist power that erases every vestige of constitutional democracy that Americans, since the Revolution, have fought and died to preserve.

Added thanks to a philosophically corrupt Supreme Court that is a mockery of justice has confirmed erasing every vestige.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit