The Democrat Party lives in sin while the Republican Party are a bunch of cowards, fools, and gutless wonders

Willful blindness is a sin.

The Democrat Party lives in sin while the Republican Party are a bunch of cowards, fools, and gutless wonders.  The Obama media of course is nothing but the equivalent of the Nazi press  to Hitler.

For Arkansas, -for the Foundation shenanigans,

For Obama,  turning over uranium to Russia for Transshipment to Iran for you know what purpose.,

Can anything on a permanent basis make the liberal American Jew abandon with hatred that un-American institution known as the leftist-Democrat-Party?

And just remember, the hatred of the Jews and Israel exhibited during the 2012 Democrat National Convention when taking about Jerusalem.

Christian correspondents:

Many do not think about how the Obama government looks away from the Moslem extermination of Black Christians (as if it’s not happening) while treating Jewish building in Jerusalem universally agreed to be part of any peace agreement –

…as the greatest evil imagined.

No one wants to believe he wants Iran to get the bomb and wants Israel to be destroyed.

But, Jewish and Christian Democrats take everything as given.

…as long as abortion and contraception are King & Queen of our land while government racism continues to tear the fabric of our country apart.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit