Trump’s time was just a blip in the eventual denouement of Western Civilization

Islam is indeed transforming America.


America has already been transformed by progressivism which 100% controls the Democratic Party.
Most Jews are progressive, and have loose -if any- Jewish roots.

There are politically conservative parts of that world, but they don’t have a firm philosophical foundation and don’t know how to implement it.

It used to be that synagogues were sold to churches when communities changed.
Now it’s turning over old religious places for mosques.

Heard a well-educated Afghani who speaks four languages explain the situation, and clearly say as Iran is the Shia culprit — what North Korea has it will have soon –


Saudi Arabia is the Sunni culprit and Jihadism is the result of Wahhabism and thus since for all Jihadist groups Wahhabi ideology is their ideology. Both Britain and Russia were destroyed by trying to tame Afghanistan.


Trump had better clean his Administration from nation-builders like the current national security adviser and get out — whether Taliban or Pakistan rules Afghanistan it will be part of their orbit not ours.

With Iran and North Korea and especially China — heard something smart.  China uses North Korea’s nuclear bluster and coming capacity to hit Hawaii and California to prevent the United States from issuing tariffs on China. With trade, China continues to conquer the Western Pacific and force surrounding nations into their sphere of influence for surrender. That will be preferable to nuclear war.

And history (if there is history) will record that Trump’s time was just a blip in the eventual denouement of Western Civilization – although it’s questionable if it will actually RIP.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

their mission is to return America to their vision of the Caliphate state

After WWI, The allies placed monstrous reparations on Weimar Germany. Britain and France laid the seed for Nazism to sprout after the Communist gangs had done their beating and vandalism in the streets.

Nazi gangs grew to defeat the Communists and by the middle 1920s Communist and Nazi gangs had fun beating up all the Jewish kids they could find.
And in today’s America the anarchists and radical leftists that run the colleges. They commit vandalism like in Berkeley with impunity because the radical leftist governments seek open borders and so hate the capitalist American system that they’re gung ho for Moslem socialism and Sharia law.


They say, “Damn conservatives!”


Jews whether socialist or not, and of course Christians who believe in Jesus as the Savior, are the ultimate enemy for they are the basis of America.
And now their mission is to return America to their vision of the Caliphate state. Funded on money from Soros and company.




The police and judiciary observe the rules of Islamic culture where it’s dominant.


That’s the safe path.


Go along to get along and not have riots and lawsuits against you.
Jewish and Christian clergy think by not speaking out in their churches and synagogues is going to prevent them from getting the desserts of cowardice and fear.



Remember the blood of the French and Russian and Iranian revolutions (and throw in Castro) — When they ran out of enemies to kill they turned on their own and called them “counterrevolutionaries” as Mao did to the tune of multi-millions.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

plain common sense

Sent by a Catholic friend in an email:


Must unfortunately for me, I have a very difficult time separating Muslims and Extreme Muslim terrorists.  I consider them one and the same, which is probably not true, but nonetheless, I have a difficult time.

Now, having said that, I understand why there are so many people who are sympathetic with the Muslim immigration crisis.  There are those, Jews in particular, who were persecuted throughout the centuries, as recent as Nazi Germany.  Thus, the empathy lies.

However, I believe Jews must look at the difference between what they endured and what is happening today.  The Jewish community was not a threat to mankind.  The only threat was the fact that anti-Semitism was so rampant, that there were those in Germany (and US too) who took delight in ridding the earth of Jews who were the innocent victims of this prejudice.  This is very unlike the Muslims who are engaged in a Jihad to wipe all non-Muslims off the face of the earth.  It is the Muslims who are involved in the “pogrom” against the non-Muslim world and a real threat to our very existence.



MY COMMENT:  No hope until the Rabbinates of all Jewish branches have the plain common sense of my Catholic friend.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

“…small ivy-covered North Koreas.”

College campuses in America are Democrat success stories after 2 Obama terms —

Whereas orthodox Jewish theology holds for the particularity of “chosenness” and the universality of concern for the world.This is the flaw is for the Jewish world from hard left to hard right “a universality of concern.”

It inextricably morphs into secular humanism, abortion, and globalist control of nation-states. Western civilization is damned with George Soros’ foundations and his money. Israel may be terminated, and here, every American college and graduate school will be in Mao’s and Lenin’s image.

“…small ivy-covered North Koreas.”

America will become the crown jewel of the Caliphate –


Just look at Pelosi and the entire DNC.
And for good measure… throw in all Jewish Democrat office holders.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

The Democratic Party uses the judiciary as a means to get bad regulations and policy approved.

Why is judicial overreach permitted?


Answer is simple.

Most of the courts are corrupted by a generation of presidents appointing liberal judges or conservatives, who in the swamp, become liberals.


The Democrat Party that used to be American in the image of Truman, JFK, George Meany, Lane Kirkland and A. Philip Randolph is now the party of war on Christianity, war on cops, no borders, open to all, no vetting, in a hate for capitalism.


There’s a lust to tear apart the original Western thinking of America.


The Democratic Party uses the judiciary as a means to get bad regulations and policy approved. These statutes would have a zero chance of Congressional passage.

So it is infinitely more serious than the brilliant piece in the March 6th edition of National Review but a worthy start.

When powers are delineated in the constitution to be executive and legislative, the Congress should introduce and sign appropriate legislation forbidding the Ninth Circuit or any other Circuit including the Supreme Court from interfering with the proper exercise of power.



Obviously, this is not subject to court consideration as in internal matters where constitutional questions are legitimately referred to the Supreme Court.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

With vouchers they might not grow up to be morons

Castro’s Cuba hated Jews.


If they could, they ran to America.

It’s the same for Jews in Nicaragua and Venezuela – Sandinista Communism and Chavista Communism.

Obama made love to Sandinistas, Chavistas and his good buddy Raul Castro.

Not a month has gone by since the inauguration. With Democrat party ideology. Soros and other leftist money, our kids are organized to protest.


Their teachers, all union members, tell them and they don’t know how to articulate the slogans because they’re fraudulent. The teachers union is fine with the kids missing school. They keep those kids dumb and out of charter schools and private schools.


With vouchers they might not grow up to be morons.

And what ethnic group in the past voted for Jew hater Roosevelt who locked the doors in the 30s and 40s and did not bomb the rail lines in 1944 when Hungary’s Jews could have been saved?

And twice they voted for Obama whose whole life has been “a hymn of hate” for Israel and America. The media , Democrats and Jewish Democrats were always with him. The clergy and the other rank and file could also be fooled and twisted.

And now with Jew hate and Islam love… and hating Trump with a Wagnerian passion, the Jew stays Democrat.

So being I’m kosher, old, pro-Israel and pro-America – There’s no point in keeping up the charade that the prayers mean something when juxtaposed against the reality of how Jews think and act and donate to and vote.




Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

That would wipe away away four thousand years of history

Note: Trump said Patriots by 8 and they won by six in the first Super Bowl overtime ever…


There are millions of hard core leftist Democrats and anarchists. There’s also a guy who pays many of them $15 an hour to riot and burn in Ferguson and anyplace where it’s wanted that America be burned, cursed and looted.  People get killed in the name of The New World Order.
And the left of Jews and Christians are the people who in Cold War always called for appeasement of Communism and sucking up and Reagan, remember, was cursed as a madman seeking nuclear war.
And he brought peace and ended the Cold War to our victory.
And the same politicians who advocated suck up are now gung-ho for war with Russia.


Very simple.
With the left wanting Trump out of Washington by any necessary means


Because the radical Democrat Soros left wants both Europe and US to be so filled with Islamists that Sharia law can be an accepted part of U.S. law and in that way Judeo Christian civilization is subverted and undefined and Obama’s dream of hegemon IRAN as nuclear power becomes realized.


Israel is then reduced to 1949 Armistice Line / pre-1967 war which means no settlements and no room for the current Jewish population. Furthermore, East Jerusalem is turned over to Abbas and Fatah or maybe Hamas and Hezbollah. Thus, it’s “full speed ahead” to end the Zionist experiment and Jewish sovereignty over their land.


That would wipe away away four thousand years of history.
So in that context not much point to weekly religious service that’s afraid to say anything relevant.


So maybe when and if that happens… prayer can have meaning again in church and synagogue.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit