About this blog…

Club Goldwater is conservative wisdom and Rabbinical knowledge from a secular perspective which can include all clergy.  Bunny Rabbi’s knowledge of God is deep and ecumenical and he will never punches, that means he will  blast everybody when it’s necessary.

This is a website that also challenges dependency and the indoctrinated state of American “education.”

Today,  the only thing having a high percentage of growth is brainwashed voters who expect something for nothing.


Why are we called CLUBGOLDWATER:

Barry Goldwater was the American Republican party Candidate for President in 1964. He was a Senator from Arizona who espoused an individual freedom and is the father  of modern conservatism.

This blog is in response to the current Republican  establishment. They cower in fear of the main stream media and popular culture. The Debt Ceiling Circus Sideshow we’ve just experienced from our Washington elephants helped lead to the S&P’s immediate downgrading of America’s credit. If conservatives had any hope for immediate relief—it was taken back by our republican leadership. I still wish them well.

Where do we go from here? And who will step forward to lead us out of the mess that this same establishment created?

Every Republican candidate invokes Ronald Reagan and tries to fill the big boots he left behind. But the boots are just too big to fill. Many Republicans as well many independents long for his return or at least a reincarnation of him.

Bad news- he ain’t coming back and we need to let him rest in peace.

But if we were able to resurrect someone from the past or at least their ideals and words, a great choice would be the great Barry Goldwater, the man who in the election of 1964 sacrificed himself on the barbed wire of the political battlefield so that Reagan could jump over him and lead the conservative forces to victory 16 years later.

Without Goldwater there would never have been a Ronald Reagan. There  is  hope that this blog will become a central pin-up board for rational,  conservative thought. This is a place that will not cower  in the presence of the politically elite.

Just like never Barry did …so long ago.


Reaganman & The Bunny Rabbit

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