I await Jewish and Christian liberal Democrat excuses

Finding uncounted votes in Ohio during a special election brings back memories of Minnesota. Ballots were found in car trunks and Democrat judges let them be counted so Al Franken could beat Norm Coleman.

Anyway, face it, Robert Mueller has a job to do…find something…


If Democrats get the House in November, they can impeach PresidentTrump and he’ll stay in office, but wounded.  The House passes nothing and there will be no military buildup.  With their new weapons, China is hegemon of Western Pacific and the U.S. is no longer world power as it cannot defend freedom of seas.  China will take over the South and East China seas and Japan and Taiwan will be no longer fully independent nations.

The days of America guarding democracy and freedom for the world will be but a historical memory.

I await Jewish and Christian liberal Democrat excuses from the laity and the clergy.


The Bunny Rabbit