Time facts were faced

A historic memory.

In the second Punic War, Hannibal won a great victory on the boot of Italy. Rome was nearly finished, but the Peace Party won the election in Carthage. As a result, Rome utterly won the Third Punic War and Carthage was 100% destroyed.

The ground was salted so nothing would grow and the people were dead and that’s thanks to the Peace Party.

And in 1973, the Supreme Court did not have the science and thought fetus was nothing until practically born, so that decision was all abortion is okay instead of banning late-term abortion. So millions of whites and millions of blacks were killed before birth. So without live births, we make an excuse to push open American borders and institute chain migration.

The suicide of the West.


And the July 9 New Republic has a piece by Nicholas Eberstadt titled “Kim Wins in Singapore.”

The point is Trump got rolled, and it’s far too late to make America great again.

I for one am strongly for Trump.

The reason?

Both parties are an abomination except for the House Freedom Caucus and they’re not big enough to come close to ruling. I expect Democrats will prevent a vote on Kavanaugh.

and there will be just enough Republican defection to give Democrats a big win on their drive to make the Court an enabler of their version of socialism. Substituting “Liberation theology” for Christianity.

Iran and Hamas and Hezbollah with Russia nave a supporting role intended to force a repeat of Golan hostilities. Israel’s red line must be enforced by it or else Israel could go the way of Syria. That would mean the end of science, technology and Jewish life. Indeed, the one place where Arabs can freely practice their religion and vote as long as they don’t indulge in terrorism.

I am not happy with Jewish Democrats

…in the Senate

…and the House

…and American Jews in general – who seem to forget that at least in Israel Jews (both left and righ)t know there’s no place to go.

– They must fight!

 – They will fight!

Because losing means being dead and American Jews of all stripes, just can’t think that far.


The Bunny Rabbit

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