Torah discussion relevant to the real world

In college days when Brooklyn College was a learning institution I came
back to Judaism on the basis of cosmology, that there must be creation
but Torah has to be taken as a document written by men long ago who,
lacking modern knowledge and technology, had to make it for the people
of the time that it would be meaningful for them — thus massive doses
of anthropomorphism.


Rabbi Meir Soloveichik had two pages in the June Commentary that
constitute a sermon for this Shabbat that would mean something to every
Jew and Christian in America.

Using the calendar matchups on the web, turns out July 4th 1776 was 17
Tammuz when the Romans breached the walls of Jerusalem and guess what?
Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address July 4th 1863 was also 17 Tammuz.

Israel’s Memorial day is 4 Iyar and Independence Day is 5,  Iyar.
And so we have the proof that God had something to do with America’s
birth and survival.

Looking at the Hebrew calendar which they made to start with Adam
it’s lunar with a 19 year cycle and matching up with the solar requires
7 leap years meaning second month of Adar in years where dividing by 19
gives remainders of 3, 6, 8, 11, 14, 17, 19.

And from 1776 to 1863 is four score and 7 or 87.

So likely with 76 and 87, merging the two, it’s  indication of the closeness with 11 being a Hebrew leap year remainder.

That can be merged with the idea of the perfect symmetry of the sadness of the Memorial when all in Israel stops for a time…

But the very next day there is rejoicing –  so that way neither day can ever be forgotten.


The Bunny Rabbit