Old and New Cold Wars

I suggest to President Trump that he must distance himself from how Spygate will play out. Hopefully it ends with Democrat indictments.  We should realize that the nuclear collision with North Korea is an integral part of the conflict with China which in one form or another has gone on since Quemoy and Matsu in the late 1950s.

There is currently a brilliant article in May 28, National Review which juxtaposes the Old and New Cold Wars.

In its guilt aspects both American political parties are to blame as is the dominant American economic thinking in terms of free trade and in terms of free market capitalism being a liberating factor of authoritarian developing countries.

It’s an American defect of thought-

It allows the concept of “free trade” to be worshipped as an economic g-d and ignores the injustice China has done for several generations.

With apologies to the Ph.Ds from the graduate schools, Trump’s common sense outranks them all. Now is the time for Trump to ignore his advisers’ fears and slam the door on multinational investment in China for joint ventures where they’re robbed blind. Additionally, sanction the parts of the banking system which are guilty of facilitating multibillions of intellectual theft


Finally, pay for national airtime and explain to the American people how the thousands of Chinese students in American universities play their part for their country by exposing themselves to our latest innovations & knowledge shared only for the benefit of Beijing… so, halt the visas.

The Bunny Rabbit

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