A minor point —

The oldest member of the court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, at a symposium of some kind made a statement that should induce her retirement but won’t!


She said, that there was no question that the November 2016 election result was determined by sexism; Hillary lost because she’s a woman.


If she were a man, she would have beaten Trump?

A judge on the Supreme Court in public is not supposed to talk Democrat or Republican politics BUT AS A DEMOCRAT YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT BECAUSE RULES DON’T APPLY TO DEMOCRATS.


The Bunny Rabbit

I’ll never be a Jew to make Chabad and Chassids happy – But I will always be a strong Zionist

There is a balance in what is true and what is not true.

In 1915 the Turks sure as there is a God did a million person genocide of the Christian Armenians, and to this day the Turks claim it was battlefield casualties in World War I.


It was a precursor to Hitler’s Holocaust


Don’t believe any revisionist lies.


The Russians are correct that Gorbachev agreed to the realignment of Germany and the end of the four zones after the Second War and to its reunification and James Baker for the United States and the European powers promised that NATO and the US would not move NATO east to Russia’s borders as a condition and the U.S. and West violated their agreement from the very beginning.


And that goes for Crimea and the Russian part of Ukraine.


And throughout history Poland was many times divided up and Ukraine was a Russian province.


Now Poland is screaming and making laws denying that any part of the Holocaust was Polish and same is for the western part of Ukraine.  In truth, during the Holocaust there were Polish cities and Ukrainian cities where the civilian population killed Jews


Men women and children in a barbaric fashion out-Nazi’ing the Nazis.  So now their make believe are rank lies.

And when I was in 7th grade (in olden days) I had to fight a guy for several months.  I never quit and kept it from my folks because mother would have done something stupid and gotten herself in trouble…


Finally one day, I got him good, and from then on I was no longer going to be  bullied!




So it is that I’ll never be a Jew to make Chabad and Chassids happy – But I will always be a strong Zionist and man.


The Bunny Rabbit