the reality of today’s life and how rapidly the U.S. is becoming the mirror image of the European “hate of Jews” and Israel.


The weekly Torah portion is indicia of failure because without amplification concerning from the death of Solomon to the division of the kingdom. It’s a fact that the majority of years for both kingdoms were idolatrous kings who did not carry on Torah. That’s the story that should be the subject of intense study and not just sloughing off.

It is necessary to simply note prior to Abraham, paganism was the norm in which man created gods.




However, the concept of God is also most important.  Anthropomorphism as a basis for understanding God as an old man sitting on a throne with heavenly creatures singing to him is just as idolatrous as anything the pagans could think of.

In addition, Judaism cannot be properly taught without a real examination of how and why Christianity and Islam came into being.  What was wrong with Judaism is that it was never enough for a people to follow. It’s important to note that the whole prayer book was written after the Second Temple’s destruction. It is based on G-d’s constant admonition to the Jews that failure to follow “His Will,” will result in negative consequences.


…and of course, did.


Too often, the best the Yeshiva graduate can come up with is slavish devotion to the nuances of Sabbath observance, and of course, GOD BEING INFINITE AND PER MAIMONIDES THIRTEEN ATTRIBUTES NO BODY AND NOT AMENABLE TO THE SENSES OF MAN

Yet the way God is presented as if he’s a finite entity with infinite powers invokes the other failure of making believe there is no FREE WILL assigned to man to explain why there is sin, evil and catastrophic punishment as witness Rabbi Soloveichik’s brilliant analysis of Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address on March 4, 1865, in the December Commentary. The President explained the sins of the North and South. The death and total casualty, which represented a larger percentage figure than of any war America were involved in (including the later two world wars of the 20th Century). Lincoln expressed it all in Biblical terms that punishment would extend unto the third and fourth generations.

It is a failure of the Orthodox Jewish world to teach the reality of today’s life and how rapidly the U.S. is becoming the mirror image of the European “hate of Jews” and Israel.


The Bunny Rabbit

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