when Obama stood mute

A Great Opportunity — Iranians taking to the streets against Islamic oppression.


As the Soviet dissidents took great comfort when Ronald Reagan spoke of the evil empire.


It is high time Moslem Fascism (both Shia and Sunni) be fought as Dr. Zuhd Jasser of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy always suggests on ideological and freedom grounds.

So now is the time for President Trump and the administration. Even the Obama holdovers still holding important executive agency positions to in unified fashion speak up for Iranians to be free and…


…not hearken back to 2009 –


…when Obama stood mute –


…and sided with the Ayatollahs.

Let’s see some real tweets!


Let it be known whether Democrat liberals and radicals are interested in freedom for oppressed people like in Iran or are only interested in getting rid of Trump and installing George Soros style regimes to further the cause of non-borders UN-governed world dictatorship.



The Bunny Rabbit

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