As I have said for a lifetime – The world will NEVER really accept Israel

Accept that Jerusalem is capital of Israel.


The world will so act up because while the world accepted Obama in every respect…


…it accepts Trump in no respects.


…and Israel in no respects.


For no matter how many wars are won or technological progress is made and great science and medical advances are made let alone military.


As I have said for a lifetime – The world will NEVER really accept Israel juridically (though some do on a de facto basis for specific benefits)


Thus, my accusation is that all branches of American Judaism


From the farthest reform left to the ultra right do not raise their voices in politics and money. They do not demand that the U.S. bureaucracy stop its Arabist hate. The State and Defense Departments should immediately list Jerusalem as capital of Israel on passports and on government letterheads, et cetera.


It is just like from days of Balfour Weizmann and others begged instead of demanded over Balfour and San Remo!


Then came the 30s and then the Holocaust because the American Jews lacked the moral fiber to fight domestic anti-Semitism and the political structure.


NOT ME! If necessary, I’d fight-em in the streets.


For a few months in seventh grade, I had to fight this guy in the Sears parking lot on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn.


I was tough kid.

Made sure my parents never knew because  mother would have done something stupid and gotten herself in trouble.




The Bunny Rabbit

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