There was no protest from the Jewish delegates, activists and Congressional Jewish office holders.

An honest look at American Judaism today is not a happy exercise.


Given the political reality of Judaism today and yesterday, it is more Democrat than it is G-d. Whenever a conflict occurs, the Jew (as in 2008) can be counted on to vote ¾ for Obama and four years later. Nearly 2/3, of the reality of the Democrat Party morphing – as seen in the 2012 National Convention into a radical anti-Israel instrument. Being forced to amend the Platform about Israel, the floor chair called for a voice vote which went three times resoundingly “NO” so the Chair lied and said that it carried by 2/3 voice vote.


There was no protest from the Jewish delegates, activists and Congressional Jewish office holders.

And in addition of course there’s always the Iran deal.


It is a lie through and through.


Obama was making side deals and winding up massive billions to Iran for his apparent Islamophile purpose of making Iran the hegemon in the Middle East. His aim seemed to be destabilizing the possibility of Saudi reform and de facto cooperation between the Sunni bloc and Israel. Fanciful as that may seem, but Iran’s Hezbollah can precipitate World War III at any time by having a massive rocket and missile bombardment. Not to forget any frontal tank and infantry invasion of Israel’s portion of the Golan Heights.

And on the home front, the decades long Jewish hypocrisy in having Talmud and the general Jewish “line” being the value of human life with such words as. “…who saves one life…” comparable to “saving the world.” Whereas in truth, no Jewish lay leader or Rabbinic spokesperson has ever called to account the government’s privately funded greatest baby killing machine (since Mao’s one child policy in China), Planned Parenthood.

So on the basis of these points and the fact I could show you my donations over the years to a multitude of Jewish causes, I simply reject the current prayer service.


At its best, is irrelevant given the imminence of catastrophe in the near term and what may or may not have happened three thousand or more years ago doesn’t solve any of today’s problems which has not been Jewishly tried except to support the plunge into statism and socialism


…and drives G-d out of the public square.



The Bunny Rabbit

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