the whole Democrat crowd is a “Sanctuary City”

The terrorist, attack.


Do you finally get that the leftist Democrats including the Jewish ones are locked into political correctness and in their sick psychotic souls with the Congressional special interests hate Israel?


The Schumers, Adam Schiffs and Brad Shermans and et cetera care more for Democrat radical victory than the survival of the United States.


The Rabbis are locked into PC and afraid to speak up against Moslem Terrorism because deep down they’re afraid Antifa-And-The-Black-Lives-Matter-Type-Leftist-Hate will hit Jewish kids coming out of a Yeshiva in a Jewish area


…or maybe an ISIS or Al Qaeda soldier going into Crown Heights or Ocean Parkway and doing the same thing.

And note how just about the whole Democrat crowd is a “Sanctuary City.”


They hate Jesus and bow down to Allah. The Abraham experience is so old as to be irrelevant for they never understood it anyway.

That’s why I’ve been screaming and being so frustrated for my whole damn life.


The Bunny Rabbit

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