Makes putting any onus on Donald Trump quite beyond any reasonable debating points

As far as Cold War realism okay, but then came my debating points as follows:

NATO expansion to Russia’s borders aroused fears of encirclement and provoked massive resentment on Putin’s and Russia’s part.

Building a paradigm of massive Soviet imperialism re Ukraine and Crimea based on Khrushchev’s playing internal Communist politics in 1954 and elevating that to some sacred status in international law is grossly fraudulent – ignoring the real activity of the Iran deal fraudulently presented as curbing Iran’s nuclear ambitions.


Whereas in truth, side deals, money transfers and failure to exercise the mandate to inspect and constant appeasement of Iran it was a real enabling act on Obama’s part.

Throw in China, which from Bill Clinton’s times with Loral and dual-use technology


U.S. has put up with annual multibillions of intellectual property theft and China’s massive military buildup. It enabled North Korea to run criminal operations for hard currency throughout the world. It also protects North Korea from “outside actors” adverse efforts. So, the U.S. bears great guilt for appeasing China and North Korea for a whole generation.

The concept of our great powerful United States maintaining the international order (given the grave error of Bush’s Iraq War and then Obama’s precipitate withdrawal from Middle East involvement) continues to aggravate the negative consequences of the Arab Spring. Makes putting any onus on Donald Trump quite beyond any reasonable debating points.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

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