some startling facts

A real expert who’s tracked things as far back as records go in this country and abroad comes up with some startling facts.


Way back say two thousand years found an instance of a lake whose bed contained ocean sand an immense distance from the ocean which proves a storm dwarfing the worse we hear and know about occurred long ago.


And he reminded us that Florida is a new creation, and when founded in the south the population was in the hundreds and not much development so nothing much for big storms to destroy.


Now different-




In terms of storm power available records indicate storms have become less frequent and less powerful.


He also indicated there’s a particular area in the Atlantic that most weather abnormalities that develop with an eye to either tropical storm or one of the big boys and girls, and he’s hoping the involved nations really do some scientific work trying to find out what ocean current or temperature gradients or maybe there’s unique features of atmospheric pressures there that could account for it and maybe we could figure out how to temper nature’s fancy.


Anyway, the current liberal radical progressive hysteria is merely a cover for the left’s hatred of Christian civilization in favor of Socialism. It’s understandable that Trump’s fed up with useless Republicans


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

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