all consumed with hate and will do anything to get him out – even if it means the country dies

Gentlemen and Ladies,

Born in November 1935 I could not vote until 21 in 1957 when I voted Republican in New York City against Robert Wagner I believe to 1960 when I marched in New York for Nixon and then 1964 with Reagan’s speech and Barry delivering the lines Leo Strauss wrote for him, “Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice; moderation in pursuit of justice no virtue.” I have been a passionate Republican conservative, and my patience was sorely tried in 2012 when Romney threw the election after he won the first debate, that being a year when I donated vastly more than I could afford because it was so necessary to take the country back after one term of Obama. However, that was not to be.

And from Trump’s inauguration to today it has been evident to all that what masquerades as the Republican Party is led by certified members of the swamp and the conservative Freedom Caucus violates the cardinal political rule of seeking Perfection rather than being satisfied with the Good.

So I send everything back in a big envelope, and sadly I cannot promise anything to you youngsters other than given the level of leftist progressive hate of America and Israel and their war on decency and free speech and their being consumed by identity politics and support for the world’s forces, progressive and Islamic.  They truly seek to terminate this experiment in self-government that is hanging by a thread.

In the first 200 days what has been accomplished has been what Trump has done – no significant legislation has made it through the swamp.

And given the Democrats and media and the Never Trump Wing of the Republican Party are all consumed with hate and will do anything to get him out; Even if it means the country dies.

So maybe you should think about forming a new nationalist party that believes in borders, language, culture and find a new path to tread upon, for the Republican Party is not worthy of you, and let’s hope North Korea does not force worse than August 1945 upon the planet.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbitt


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