When a society no longer believes in itself it dies. 

Making the news recently is Richard Dawkins, evolutionary biologist, not to be confused with Stephen Hawking, the physicist who many say a worthy Einstein of our time, both atheists of an intellectual sort.

Dawkins was recently banned from Berkeley for an allegedly anti-Islam statement.
Now, how so?


Berkeley is the suppressor of free speech, the home of barring anyone who does not speak in the progressive ritualistic language of hate America, Israel, capitalism, of course conservatism and Christianity.

So why do these radical subversives function in the thrall of Islam as God’s gift to human civilization?

Dawkins said maybe they regard Islam as a race and thus all are guilty of racism who are not Moslems.

That doesn’t wash.

ANSWER IS QUITE SIMPLE:  As the European Union devolved from a Europe broken by war and Communist rule, having lost its will to live, not having babies, abandoning Christianity, needing cheap labor – it’s only natural to invite Moslems in and once the flood starts it continues to roar and by now many thinkers say and Angela Merkel says the influx will continue — and thus, Europe will soon be governed by Islamic rule and so today’s politics are soon to be replaced and soon no Jews left in Europe unless they hide in caves or go somewhere else.

When a society no longer believes in itself it dies. 


Trump saw that, determined to fight the Democrat tide that afflicts large numbers of regular Republicans — many of whom ran in the primaries and have very familiar names and sit in House and Senate — and Trump is trying to save America from the radical Islamic Democrats and Jews who have lost their way (see Hellenists whom the Maccabees had to fight in days of yore)

… And of course- the DEEP STATE AND INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY whose prime mission is getting rid of Trump no matter how many special counsel have to be appointed.

That’s also why the no mammogram abortion mill known as Planned Parenthood has so many defenders in the Congress who will fight to the Democrat death to keep Federal money flowing — THAT’S THE DEEP STATE ready to see the U.S. decline into irrelevance.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit


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