The world is plotting for the United States – Democrats as well as the Republicans.

Good to finally say something cheerful.


I hope you remember through the Cold War years when the Communists played the Third World like a fiddle. With Nehru and company leading the charge, Israel was not only enemy number one of the Arab Moslem world but also of the Third World.


And over the years of Israeli governments, the orthodox have complained of neglect.


They have reached out to the world and cultivated relationships with say Kenya and Jomo, Kenyatta.


That made possible the rescue of the plane and hostages at Entebbe in Uganda.


And not only with African states looking for Israeli scientific knowledge and expertise with water management and agriculture, but also entrepreneurship -as it relates to sound non-socialist economics.


And Netanyahu and his forward-looking ambassadors have accomplished much and one of the more noteworthy achievements is the relationship between India’s Narendra Modi and Netanyahu.


Given China and North Korea (especially China’s incursions into the Himalayan region where India and China dispute the high rocks), we may have to solidity our Indian friendship with military supplies and advisors.


China is not only aggressive against America and company in the East and South China seas but also against India in the mountains. We also need to bolster India in case Pakistan desires to “strut its stuff” as it supports its Taliban. China is moving in the Indian Ocean to establish naval bases and using Pakistan as a transit point could assist them in becoming not only a regional but a worldwide hegemon. That is why China is gung ho and supports every North Korean missile and nuclear weapon advance in the long-term effort to once restore the Middle Kingdom to the position.


Ruling the world –


Shades of Ch’in Dynasty in the 3rd century BC I believe.




And time for Democrats to figure out Trump stands between survival and the abyss.



The world is plotting for the United States – Democrats as well as the Republicans.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit


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