In too many Chabad and Orthodox shuls politics is not discussed

Dear Rabbis,

All well and good to believe God’s voice in Torah is perpetual for all the ages, and has efficacy always, but the needs you describe indicate an inescapable failure to deal with the non-spiritual world in a manner that successfully achieves enough material capacity to permit the spiritual life which does not come without a cost, for as is often said, Freedom Is Not Free.

In too many Chabad and Orthodox shuls politics is not discussed, in some places it is actually forbidden, due to the wish to avoid argument in a place where the concentration should be on man’s merit in Hashem’s eyes.

The reality is, like it or not, for the vast majority of Jews in America their god is not Hashem but the Democrat Party, and that party is now run by those who believe in BDS and who having imbibed the Arab UN EU American Democrat leftist line on Israel held by many leftist Jewish organizations and even mainstream American Jewish organizations, your ideology and philosophy becomes more and more a minority factor in American Judaism.

Albeit, forecasts call for orthodox Judaism to be the majority in a generation, but it will be a majority of a total number far less than half of what today’s total number is.

On that basis you will have no broad-based political authority sphere, given the vast increase in non-European Hispanics and Moslems, plus the inevitability of Iran becoming a full-fledged nuclear power, so we will all be in the cross-hairs of the enemy.

So keep that in mind when you speak of God’s merit and add that merit must come in doing the right thing politically and seeing things in a clear fashion.



The Bunny Rabbit

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