I think that it’s too late for this country

The determination to drive him from office is palpable.


Given that it is highly unlikely that medical care or a budget will pass Congress in any form that can do any good, we’ll just have to fight the Comey wars but Mueller, Comey’s best buddy, should be canned.

Given that what can be done by executive action like halting the war on religion, and the military agenda should be pushed.


It is more than high time that the Justice Department fire the Obama holdovers or at least get acting people sitting in chairs -if it is necessary to wait for confirmation.

And Republicans gave Obama full reign to pack the circuit and district courts with liberals, and now they regret it, but (of course) it’s too late.

Make no mistake.  I think that it’s too late for this country, given Iran and North Korea — what’s coming is monstrous.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

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