an orthodox rabbinate that happily talks spiritualism in temple but draws the line on politics.

We all should know there’s something radically wrong with the American Jewish world and its politics.


In today’s Post on page 31 is the Fast Takes Column compiled by Eric Fettmann and included was a blurb headline Columnist: Linda Sarsour’s Strange Defenders, and it quotes Liel Leibovitz at Tablet being astounded by a public letter signed by a number of rabbis and Jewish communal leaders supporting Linda Sarsour


A hard-left activist and Moslem sympathizer who’s always on an anti-Israel anti-Jewish binge. 


The article details her conduct at Dartmouth at a speech she was giving.


Leibovitz questions why Jews should align themselves in support of a well-known activist who can never be accused of supporting Jews or Israel.


I’ve always questioned the sanity of a Jewish world that voted Obama twice and an orthodox rabbinate that happily talks spiritualism in temple but draws the line on politics.


It’s presumably because if there was honest discussion it would be clear in God’s house that to talk secular humanism and to ascribe the Torah’s Tzedakah commands being fulfilled through socialist big government. is to thereby make a mockery of the founding principles of the American Republic…


…with life, liberty, individualism, freedom to rise to one’s potential.


All the principles not of collectivist isms but of capitalist democracy – and so free speech is banned in synagogue (so that at least in temple the strange talk of Jewish liberals which is almost all Jews) is kept outside.


And so there really is no point to enter a synagogue as matters stand in today’s America because in the American Jewish mind the prime command is be Democrat and hate Trump.


For eight years it was love Obama as he defiled our constitution and built the hegemon Iran, and of course with identity politics divided America beyond reunification, and sewed the radical seeds of BDS and anti-Semitism, and made Moslem immigration job one.





Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

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