…and now the world is in chaos.

The battle was lost during Bill Clinton’s Presidency when he fought the war against Serbia for Islam, but cloaked it all in with human rights concerns.


…because Milosevic was such a “bad man.”


And then came 9/11 and George Bush messed things up with nation building…


and overthrowing…


and killing Saddam…


but with no planning it left Iraq in chaos with the Sunni army demobilized and majority Shia in control. Anarchy spread and it took a surge after five years to stabilize the place.


Obama became President and he sabotaged everything.


…and now the world is in chaos.


Trump’s presidency is hanging by a thread because the radicalized Democrats are sworn to get him.  The combination of domestic Democrat obstruction, North Korea, China, Iran and ISIS constitute a world in chaos. The United States no longer has the military strength or the moral will to achieve stability and peace.

Where’s the thinking?
The epitome of the college campus is dominated by the insane left in Berkeley and there may be one or two exceptions but that’s about it. Let’s add America’s great concern with who goes in what bathroom!


Let’s stop any delusion that we have any chance of reversing all of this.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

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