you cut them off with nary a dime and left them hanging from the roof of the Saigon embassy

The courts and the dominant political party have morphed into progressive identity politics institutions devoted to the end of free speech as witness the college campus where all speech not representative of Chavista socialism hating God and hating America.


Hating Israel is deemed to be hate speech and per Howard Dean that the constitution does not protect, and so the colleges will produce a generation of mentally challenged ignoramuses who guarantee America’s death through abysmal ignorance of a millennium or more of human knowledge.


Their sole goal is to impeach the last hope of the white working class that is in its last gasps.


Organized religion in America, Christian and Jewish, is to be condemned for their profound cowardice and refusal to stand aside from their cloisters. Rather they die silently as the forces that hate them control the instruments of societal power.


Do not ask G-d, “Why?” for HE will rightly say “You folks voted for it for the last generation or so since you betrayed by Watergate a South Vietnam finally ready to fight and achieve independence. However, you cut them off with nary a dime and left them hanging from the roof of the Saigon embassy.”


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

Never has it been more true that we live in a one-party Democrat dictatorship state that runs the media, the church, the judiciary and the bureaucracy.

Republican National Committee
310 First Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003

Dear Ronna McDaniel,

For years and years the cry has been give the Republicans the House, give the Republicans the Senate, and give the Republicans the White House.

So the forgotten people of America did, not the millions of illegals that the Democrats would seek to have the vote without citizenship.

I just heard President Trump authorized the 90-day period for labor and business to come up with ideas for renegotiation of NAFTA.

But the Secret State is still the government and elections can be subverted by Democrats at any time, especially now with a special counsel to investigate the big lie propaganda of the Goebbels-like Democrat media machine, and not even to think about the real criminal activity that is the hallmark of the Democrat Party and their elected and appointed officials going back to Arkansas and the sale of dual use technology in the Clinton Administration to facilitate China’s growth into a major military power, and Obama hamstrung America’s capacity to fight radical Islamic terrorism by refusing to say Radical Islamic Terrorism and the crowning jewel of enabling Iran to soon be the nuclear hegemon in the Middle East with false claims of eliminating the nuclear threat while sweetheart secret deals abounded.

And from the Republican establishment you see our president undermined by the same Republicans who got elected in the past election in the Rust Belt states only because Trump won those states.

Never has it been more true that we live in a one-party Democrat dictatorship state that runs the media, the church, the judiciary and the bureaucracy.

The only religion that has freedom is Islam, and Judaism and Christianity are both too dumb to see what there is to be seen.

So after a Republican lifetime, now it’s the hell with you.



The Bunny Rabbit

…and now the world is in chaos.

The battle was lost during Bill Clinton’s Presidency when he fought the war against Serbia for Islam, but cloaked it all in with human rights concerns.


…because Milosevic was such a “bad man.”


And then came 9/11 and George Bush messed things up with nation building…


and overthrowing…


and killing Saddam…


but with no planning it left Iraq in chaos with the Sunni army demobilized and majority Shia in control. Anarchy spread and it took a surge after five years to stabilize the place.


Obama became President and he sabotaged everything.


…and now the world is in chaos.


Trump’s presidency is hanging by a thread because the radicalized Democrats are sworn to get him.  The combination of domestic Democrat obstruction, North Korea, China, Iran and ISIS constitute a world in chaos. The United States no longer has the military strength or the moral will to achieve stability and peace.

Where’s the thinking?
The epitome of the college campus is dominated by the insane left in Berkeley and there may be one or two exceptions but that’s about it. Let’s add America’s great concern with who goes in what bathroom!


Let’s stop any delusion that we have any chance of reversing all of this.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

Trump’s time was just a blip in the eventual denouement of Western Civilization

Islam is indeed transforming America.


America has already been transformed by progressivism which 100% controls the Democratic Party.
Most Jews are progressive, and have loose -if any- Jewish roots.

There are politically conservative parts of that world, but they don’t have a firm philosophical foundation and don’t know how to implement it.

It used to be that synagogues were sold to churches when communities changed.
Now it’s turning over old religious places for mosques.

Heard a well-educated Afghani who speaks four languages explain the situation, and clearly say as Iran is the Shia culprit — what North Korea has it will have soon –


Saudi Arabia is the Sunni culprit and Jihadism is the result of Wahhabism and thus since for all Jihadist groups Wahhabi ideology is their ideology. Both Britain and Russia were destroyed by trying to tame Afghanistan.


Trump had better clean his Administration from nation-builders like the current national security adviser and get out — whether Taliban or Pakistan rules Afghanistan it will be part of their orbit not ours.

With Iran and North Korea and especially China — heard something smart.  China uses North Korea’s nuclear bluster and coming capacity to hit Hawaii and California to prevent the United States from issuing tariffs on China. With trade, China continues to conquer the Western Pacific and force surrounding nations into their sphere of influence for surrender. That will be preferable to nuclear war.

And history (if there is history) will record that Trump’s time was just a blip in the eventual denouement of Western Civilization – although it’s questionable if it will actually RIP.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit