“…small ivy-covered North Koreas.”

College campuses in America are Democrat success stories after 2 Obama terms —

Whereas orthodox Jewish theology holds for the particularity of “chosenness” and the universality of concern for the world.This is the flaw is for the Jewish world from hard left to hard right “a universality of concern.”

It inextricably morphs into secular humanism, abortion, and globalist control of nation-states. Western civilization is damned with George Soros’ foundations and his money. Israel may be terminated, and here, every American college and graduate school will be in Mao’s and Lenin’s image.

“…small ivy-covered North Koreas.”

America will become the crown jewel of the Caliphate –


Just look at Pelosi and the entire DNC.
And for good measure… throw in all Jewish Democrat office holders.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

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