“…small ivy-covered North Koreas.”

College campuses in America are Democrat success stories after 2 Obama terms —

Whereas orthodox Jewish theology holds for the particularity of “chosenness” and the universality of concern for the world.This is the flaw is for the Jewish world from hard left to hard right “a universality of concern.”

It inextricably morphs into secular humanism, abortion, and globalist control of nation-states. Western civilization is damned with George Soros’ foundations and his money. Israel may be terminated, and here, every American college and graduate school will be in Mao’s and Lenin’s image.

“…small ivy-covered North Koreas.”

America will become the crown jewel of the Caliphate –


Just look at Pelosi and the entire DNC.
And for good measure… throw in all Jewish Democrat office holders.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

The Democratic Party uses the judiciary as a means to get bad regulations and policy approved.

Why is judicial overreach permitted?


Answer is simple.

Most of the courts are corrupted by a generation of presidents appointing liberal judges or conservatives, who in the swamp, become liberals.


The Democrat Party that used to be American in the image of Truman, JFK, George Meany, Lane Kirkland and A. Philip Randolph is now the party of war on Christianity, war on cops, no borders, open to all, no vetting, in a hate for capitalism.


There’s a lust to tear apart the original Western thinking of America.


The Democratic Party uses the judiciary as a means to get bad regulations and policy approved. These statutes would have a zero chance of Congressional passage.

So it is infinitely more serious than the brilliant piece in the March 6th edition of National Review but a worthy start.

When powers are delineated in the constitution to be executive and legislative, the Congress should introduce and sign appropriate legislation forbidding the Ninth Circuit or any other Circuit including the Supreme Court from interfering with the proper exercise of power.



Obviously, this is not subject to court consideration as in internal matters where constitutional questions are legitimately referred to the Supreme Court.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit