I couldn’t imagine how anyone could be a Republican

The confluence of hot dry weather and winds and some Intifada arson terrorism is wreaking havoc in northern and central Israel.


Hamas is rejoicing in hopes that vital economic and military facilities go up in flames and destroy the country.
Flames up in the sky, plenty of evacuations.

Turkey, Russia, Greece, Cyprus and Croatia are sending fire-retardant capable planes to help.

Question: Given American Jews being faithful Democrat for their lifetimes with votes and money and Schumer high in the Senate WHY DID THAT LIST NOT IMMEDIATELY AND FIRST INCLUDE AMERICA!?!?

Answer:  Obama is President and Israel is Jewish and on his hate list.  His love is for Iran.

Figure out my feelings about American Jews? 


As a kid in Flatbush Brooklyn, say up until I was maybe 11 pre- BarMitzvah —  I couldn’t imagine how anyone could be a Republican.
But after a lifetime of correcting my error and seeing what American Jews and Democrat America have become as a people and a country…


— There is no longer a good reason to still be alive.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

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