Never forget Islam, like the Nazis, will never accept the fact of a de jure Jewish state

The Democrat Party which is the real religion of American Jews has morphed into a globalist George Soros universal state under basically Islamic rule.

Obama has accomplished with the unrestricted immigration of illegals. (and now flooding myriad small communities with Moslems) It is designed to further the war on Christianity and Judaism. Along with their absolute control of media and colleges, it is no wonder that Jewish kids on American campuses feel like The are in “open season.” America’s colleges are run by CAIR and ISNA and the Soros fronts which confer with Obama about their agenda on a daily basis.

I’ll be dead thank God.

However you, your kids and my grandkids will see the hell that the Jewish Quislings like ADL and J Street and Occupy and Southern Poverty Law Center have unleashed upon us. They will further the war on all religion, except Islam. The Rabbinate refuse to see reality and as before the Holocaust, the Rebbes stayed locked in their orthodoxy. They were afraid of the secular movement to Israel under the Mandate.
Never forget Islam, like the Nazis, will never accept the fact of a de jure Jewish state. The constant parade of American Presidents trying to get a two-state solution will probably continue.

It is 100% doomed to failure; the Moslems refuse to accept a Jewish state and Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran use the U.S. under Obama as a cover.

The permanent war will continue until the UN sets up an army to occupy Israel –

That, or the Iran bomb is their ultimate answer



Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

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