It has grown to infiltrate and run Democrat America

They will resist, obstruct and prevent any of Trump’s proposals from passing muster.

Democrats always hate the military and over decades it’s just gotten worse.


From liberal Democrat to radical progressive-


Sanders and Obama-


Hatred for Western Civilization-


To such self-hate.


The kind Merkel brought to Germany.  She happily brings in Moslems to rape and rob Christians and Jews have to stay indoors because it’s too dangerous to go out.
Unrestricted immigration — Al Hijra — conquest by migration.
The sickness of George Soros and the whole establishment of Black Lives Matter, J Street and Occupy…


Jews just continue on their way since they started sucking up to Roosevelt in 1944 and not raising hell about his collaboration. He do not even lift a finger to bomb the rail lines.


He listened to Stalin.


In light of anti-Semitism that Jewish leadership knew of but was afraid to fight. The last million died and over the decades it has never changed the Moslem and leftist operation.


It has grown to infiltrate and run Democrat America.


Still, the Jew is the best Democrat.
Obama and Hillary LOVE Israel and Jews so much -that Obama will cut off all aid to settlements.


To him, the 1967 War never happened and Judea and Samaria damn it is not Jewish-


In Florida and the Philadelphia suburbs, Jews voted like good Democrat sheep to the slaughter.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

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