Trump has a dirty mouth. So what? Big deal.

Michigan has a large Moslem population, I know Dearborn does.

Anyway, the State of Michigan Department of Human Services, will provide at least food stamps, maybe general welfare. It also, provide phone system assistance that offers three choices:

English, Spanish, and Arabic. 

Polygamy has been outlawed ages ago for Mormons. Today, that makes no difference — as a practical matter for how he thinks and acts the President is an Imam, so for Moslems in Michigan, welfare will cover up to four wives for Moslems.


When it comes to in the United States, many of the news organizations are completely in Hillary’s pocket. 

It’s the actions of this Administration

State Department

The Arab Spring


The Iran deal: A symphony of criminal activity and bribes and ransoms and putting U.S. in Iran’s pocket with all the concessions.
So if women elect Hillary with what happened in Europe with unlimited immigration, ladies, please don’t complain when Cologne’s New Years Eve comes to America.


Trump has a dirty mouth.

So what?

Big deal.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

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