The days of the nation-state are over.

There is little to no discussion or treatise on the subjects of American political structure, immigration, borders and language and all the other multitude of relevant et ceteras.

At present, most of the discussion dwells on Hispanics.

This Administration’s and the EU’s drive to change society with the flood of Moslems has no validity whatsoever and simply proves that European and American Christian civilization is in its death agony.

The conservative media, blogs have lost the war.

Hillary is Obama’s third term, and the discussion of Islam has to face the reality that Khan’s son was killed in 2004 and his lawyer father in 2016 had been radicalized.

He was more than happy to add to the Obama Clinton line that immigration must be open ended. To liberals, the borders are irrational as per the globalists agenda.

The days of the nation-state are over.

It is the will of ALLAH that Islam dominate the world and the non-Islamic states are destined, by ALLAH, to exist only as subordinates.

One can conjecture on who thinks “himself” well suited to be the American governor for the New World Order.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

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