they are as silent as they were in the Holocaust times.

In the September issue of Commentary there is an essay by Meir Soloveichik in which he discusses J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy, The Hobbit, presenting the effort to restore the Middle Earth kingdom occupied by dwarves and elves and a wizard whose kingdom had been destroyed by a dragon.

The later sequel, The Lord of the Rings, written in Hitler’s war both of which in imputed literary style characterizes Jewish survival, condition and the conflict between living in memory and seeking fulfillment of the return to The Land.

Those Jews who are rooted in modernity do not feel the God-given continuity of Covenant to Zionist recapture and rebuilding of The Land.
And given the opportunity to add to Soloveichik’s essay, I would add what has been the prime directive of my life: The link is not pure orthodoxy, which can quickly become anti-Zionist theory steeped in Messianism.

It equally modernity can become non-Jewish Democrat socialism which subverts both Covenant and Zionism. It can also morph into secular humanism and George Soros’s brand of  “a world without borders.”

It is linked with Moslem hegemony over Christianity and Judaism. Too many Jews are being attracted to the Black-Lives-Matter-ideology. They are becoming “BDS advocates” – buying the lies about Jews and Israel spouted by linkage of radical Democrat left in America and Islam.

That union makes the American Jewish kid on college campus an object of hate, persecution and it does get physical and the Jewish establishment (owned by the Democrat Party of Obama and Clinton). they are as silent as they were in the Holocaust times.


Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur with Rabbis afraid to speak up and raise hell is an abomination to God. Thus in the large majority of circumstances I can testify, over a lifetime, that most High Holiday services have no merit for Zionist long-term Jewish survival in a New World Order.

A world order that Jews themselves have helped the hard left create.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit


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