Conservatives don’t know how to talk so the Democrats constantly outmaneuver them.

Democrats are honest.

Schumer wants a leftist radical Supreme Court the same as 9 of 13 Circuit Appeals Courts were right when Obama took over and now 9 of 13 are left, some hard left.

Conservatives don’t know how to talk so the Democrats constantly outmaneuver them.

The continuing resolution must be to Dec. 31 not Dec. 9 so that the lame duck session cannot ratify Obama-Hillary “wish list” which is death for America.
And reality is the Jewish and Christian Churches are under attack and George Soros funds Black Lives Matter…

…. And, other nefarious political movements contrary to traditional American liberty and freedom.

There’s a real war on religion, Jew and Christian.

The purpose of which is to set the ground for massive Moslem migration to America.

Just like in Europe, the hard left that pays for goons to riot whenever a cop shoots a minority or referring to a Trump-rally as being analogous to the Reichstag Fire – whereby Hitler consolidated his hold on Germany.
And the war on voter ID has succeeded and runs the Supreme Court.

This 2016 Presidential election is the last time that Republicans can win. The demographic balance is changing and the migration of the next four years will be like Europe for that purpose — to make life in America hell for Jews and Christians…


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

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