Dan Malloy, Democrat Connecticut governor, came up with a good job on linking Trump to assassination:

He said, “I instantly thought about Rabin in Israel.”


There were rallies going on in Israel where ‘Death to Rabin!’ was shouted and politicians didn’t respond.”

So what’s the catch?

No one took it seriously, and Rabin went around with little or no security and it came out that Yigal Amir was set up by the Labor left to fake an assassination with blanks to smear Likud. The whole right spectrum and give Labor the big total majority it always wanted but they screwed up and the  bullets were real.

In history, It was the Reichstag fire which was blamed on the Communists but it came out the Nazis did it. The Katyn Massacre that was blamed on the Nazis but turned out Stalin’s people did it.

But there is a reality. 



People like Jerome Corsi of Freedom’s Defense Fund are trying to organize Reagan Democrats for Trump, but that doesn’t work because Trump does not have the political smarts to talk like Reagan did and makes himself a target.


His ego prevents him from smiling a real smile and turning the other cheek and he gives a smirk not a smile.


That’s a pity, because Hillary will be Obama on steroids with no right to work and only compulsory unionism for the labor power brokers.

Of course, rules, regulations and executive orders to render peoples’ guns moot because they’ll lack ammunition or places where they can be fixed. Without eliminating the Second Amendment will be in effect the same thing — a gun in a house being a useless toy.

And the First Amendment with political correctness run amok is not operative in colleges and it’s going down to K-12 and the power mad left has also determined that the only acceptable religion in America is atheism and Islam.

Finally, Christian evangelicals don’t want to face the music. I’ll bet a majority goes Clinton and the same for the Jewish voter that forever  has ignored the anti-Semitism of the left.


They let the European socialism that they were brought up under in Europe hold sway over their minds in America. That makes them the most loyal of all Democrats.





Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

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