Think of it — saving America with common sense.

For some time I’ve said “NO” to supporting Republican fund-raising.

Given the Republican House majority is divided within itself and the Democrat minority will vote as a bloc to impede and prevent, we just can’t expect much.
It’s worse in the Senate, There is a 54-46 majority, but they cannot pass the cloture test unless Democrats join in. They never do. Never is Obama called upon to veto any legislation.
The American military has been emasculated and feminized and, except for Special Services, not properly funded. It is common for multiple tours of duty for military personnel because enlistment numbers are criminally low. The same applies to hardware. We can’t risk an aircraft carrier that cost over a billion dollars with 5,000 crewmembers to be sunk by Chinese missiles, aircraft or torpedoes. We don’t even have the smaller naval assets that could be deployed.

China can nationalize the South and East China seas and force Asian nations to make their deals as vassals of China thanks to Obama’s years in office.

…so much for America defending freedom of the seas in the world.
Look at the Supreme Court and liberalism’s march…

Bill,  gave dual use technology to Red China – indispensable to building up the monster we now face plus the Balkans.
Obama’s making Islam mainstream.

Sharia is moving hard into America’s legal pattern

The ruling circles are not going to let Trump win. (He would have rocked the boat, but good)

Think of it — saving America with common sense.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

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