Our country is weaker now

The current Ukraine government is largely progeny of the Pro-Nazis who collaborated when Hitler conquered Ukraine.

They overthrew the pro-Russian government and U.S. and NATO instructed them not to try to fight Russia when Putin took over Crimea which Russia has wanted throughout its history.
For the Jews of Ukraine, they are under the gun and there is no point quibbling over street naming – They are happy not to have real anti-Jewish hate.  Several relief organizations work to feed and support the Jewish community in Ukraine.
Mobilizing for war on Russia’s borders is U.S. NATO policy.

In other news…

Trump better learn to think before he speaks.  You don’t attack parents of fallen soldiers regardless of race religion or national origin.

His substantive policy may be correct (and Trump’s is) but he throws it away with his mouthmost unfortunate to give victory to his most undeserving opponent.

China is moving to push U.S. out of Western Pacific and they’ve been on huge military buildup and their military is dying to sink some U.S. aircraft carriers and humiliate the United States with their artificial island bases in South China Sea.

Our country is weaker now.

It’s so bad that that planes can’t fly because of lack of spare parts — Obama has done a job on America’s military and gotten away with it.

The nation is with illegals and Hillary supports amnesty and Democrat Party as a whole does the same with some window dressing.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

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