They are the new owners of the Party

History is a lost art.

Never reported by the secular Democrat media that literally hates God and religion.

NOTE: George Washington, at the darkest moments, prayed to God and Benjamin Franklin when the constitutional convention was stalled on the brink of collapse, called on three days of prayer and then they got it together.

And of course, Abraham Lincoln and there were many moments in the Civil War when all seemed lost and in his speeches he always called on the Almighty.

How did Democrat loyalty among the immigrants from Eastern Europe, Jews and Catholics, become so stark?


In New York, Boston and the other inner cities, the Democrat machine that ran the city took care of the immigrants. They welcomed them, provided a bag of coal, when necessary and food to tide them over when looking for a job. They always made sure they had a place to sleep no matter how minimal Thus a deep abiding loyalty developed, and country club Republicans never had a clue. They hardly even existed in the inner city. The fact that Southern Democrats were racists and held to segregation and Jim Crow and were deeply prejudiced, made no moment in the north –

…for that was a different world.

That explains the cultural lag that holds minorities to be Democrat – white and black and gay and Hispanic minorities –- because Democrats worked on absorption.

Thus, even when things changed profoundly and drastically and Democrats became leftists, G-d haters, abortion lovers, in thrall to Black Lives Matter and New Black Panther Party and basically in thrall also to the likes of Cornel West and James Zogby and remember 2012 Democrat Convention platform amendment when they forgot the  obligatory words about Israel and Jerusalem. Three times the delegates and activists roared no but the Chair under orders from Obama lied “yes” voice votes by 2/3.

Today is infinitely worse, because now Obama’s Democrats are owned by BLM and the grievance industry and of course the Moslem propagandists like CAIR and Islamic Society of North America. All the groups joining in the long term Islamic effort get unlimited migration for the ultimate purpose of takeover (as they are doing in Europe). They have an infinite amount of time. Hillary will continue to magnify the migration.

They are the new owners of the Party

The old coalition is cast to the winds but the white coalition that elected Roosevelt on top of the Solid South and 128 automatic Electoral College votes because of cultural lag has never woken up!

Even though Democrats betrayed them.

…and there can be more to  come.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

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