The Republicans let the Democrats get away with their crime and paid the price (the dummies)

Let me quote from the Blinded Veterans Association of Summer 2016. They recount a story from May 1968 about a man who later got the top Congressional Medal of Honor from Lyndon Johnson on January 16, 1969.

I will quote and then give you my thoughts.

“It was May, 1968.  The sky was dark with thunderclouds, when a report came through that three combat controllers were stranded at a Special Forces Camp at Duc.  North Vietnamese forces were about to overrun the camp.  ‘We’re going in,’ said Joe Jackson.  Jackson, a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Air Force, well aware of the situation he was about to enter.  One plane had already has all four of its engines shot out on the final approach.  A second was downed with 200 evacuees.  A third airplane had landed, rescuing a few survivors, but came under such heavy fire that it had to take off, leaving the three combat controllers behind.”

They continued…

“Jackson’s plane touched down within the first 100 feet of the runway.  As he described it, ‘I was the luckiest guy in the world!’  A rocket landed beside the plane before it could take off, but somehow, didn’t go off.  Despite being fired on from all sides, the rescue was a success.”


The Vietnam War was not fought to win. 

It was never properly understood how well entrenched the North was through their underground Ho Chi Minh trail in Laos that made bombing from the air just kill civilians and do no military good.

Throughout the conflict, Johnson and McNamara micromanaged the war from the White House.

The Pentagon and Europe traded with the North, so the U.S. never bombed Haiphong harbor and never invaded the North.

It was only when Nixon became President that the North and Cambodia got bombed. By then it was too late and the war dragged interminably on until, with Watergate, the American left finally succeeded in guaranteeing Communist victory (see 1975 helicopters embassy roof in Saigon).

They denied all economic and military. When at long last, the South had a fighting army it had no food, oil or bullets.

The Democrat Party record continues as did during World War II. Roosevelt had closed the doors giving Jews nowhere to run to and in 1944 with Hungary left still refused to bomb the rails to the camps because Joe Stalin wanted him to. Roosevelt did what Stalin wanted and thus the last million Jews died.


From WWII to Vietnam to the Arab Spring the world is on fire with Jihad and the Bush Administration screwed up mightily.

Obama has spent his presidency in league with the Ayatollah cursing Israel, and combined with gay rights and Planned Parenthood and the absence of religious rights because LGBT trumps everything and if you believe in God and not Allah you’re left with the courts against you. The left runs the colleges and so they’re seed beds of America hate and Jew hate and GIVE CREDENCE TO SCALIA’S FEARS THAT OUR DEMOCRACY WOULD SOON GO DOWN THE DRAIN.

TODAY’S DEMOCRATS AND CANDIDATES WITH THEIR PANDERING AND NAKED LIES REFUSE TO LOOK AT THE WORLD AS IT STANDS TODAY, are ignoring the most basic bubble that our debt is about to come crashing down upon us.

The housing bubble, which was caused by Democrat pandering people to get no down payment houses that they couldn’t afford the mortgage on and so 2007 and 2008.

The Republicans let the Democrats get away with their crime and paid the price (the dummies)

…and we got Obama as punishment.

Western Civilization, as Buchanan said in the 90s and Trump is saying today…

The warmongering neocons are pushing a war with Russia while appeasing radical Islam. They are ignoring the world’s realities and China is soon to be the Pacific power that Japan tried and failed to become with Pearl Harbor in WWII.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit


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