let’s have finally a nationalist freedom party

From Fox News website: GOP tiring of Trump attacks as his campaign misses critical deadlines.

Correct. That if your campaign apparatus doesn’t know what it’s doing and has no conception of ground game perhaps because you didn’t want to spend your own money, you couldn’t handle the White House job.

That being said, given the  Republicans control both houses temporarily they still can’t get a religious liberty bill passed or anything else where there’s general Republican and conservative consensus.

Given dysfunctional Congress maybe conservative President would be frustrated too and rule without Congress by executive order and regulatory agency dictatorship as now Obama and Dems are doing.

Time for Whigs and Wall Street and Chamber of Commerce to go and let’s have finally a nationalist freedom party – there must some Democrats who are American and not secular socialists and would join the new party.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

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