It becomes easier when America is torn apart by internal division.

Confirming what I’ve been saying for a long time… It’s about time everyone believed me.

It’s time the Republican establishment stopped being worthless wimps.

Drudge had a lead to open up that said Soros funded and takes credit for violence in Chicago.  I’ll liken it to just like when ISIS and Taliban take credit for something. From a talk show guy like Alex Jones and The Drudge Report lead with  Ilya Sheyman, failed Illinois contender for Congress who eventually found a place for himself as head of Moveon’s Political Action Committee.

Soros has big money to spend on “one-worldism” which requires ending America as the world power. This is also the aim of the modern American Democrat Party (see Obama, Clinton and Sanders). It becomes easier when America is torn apart by internal division. it’s also much easier when the neocons and mainline conservatives are messed up in their heads.

They fail to see the past two terms and what it’s done and the next four is all they need.

Weimar went to Hitler. In the 20s the country was marked by daily battles in the streets between Nazi and Communist gangs. Both beat up Jews and set the stage for the Holocaust.

And sadly greatest Democrat of all (not)… Franklin Roosevelt.

He prolonged the depression with ego and socialist economics. He ran the war to suit Joe Stalin and not Churchill and promises Ibn Saud there will never be a Jewish state in Palestine. Roosevelt died before he could make good on that promise, but he tried by not bombing rail lines to Auschwitz.

Eichmann had no trouble taking over Hungary where the Jews has not been yet been killed under Hungarian fascist government. He took direct control to kill the last million and Roosevelt didn’t do a DAMN THING to stop it.

So ask the question:  Why are most Jews Democrats?   

And where are the Rabbis?


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit


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