Wait, it gets worse…

It is hard to discern which is more evil, a Republican Party that is:

  • Elitist to the core

  • Lies to its base

  • Betrays its base and functions as a prayer rug for the Democrat Party to sit on and rip to shreds.

OR: The Democrat Party, with a religious devotion to the ultra progressive notions which manifest themselves in the liberal professors’ Marxist doctrines found in every college and grad school in America.

They are devoted to the termination of the West as a nominal Christian entity and its subsequent replacement by radical Islamic theocracy for constitutional democracy.

It’s an anathema to a radical liberalism that hates freedom and justice.

That presentation at least would have some element of rationality

Wait, it gets worse…

The same West and NATO and United States that has the above elements also is hell-bent on World War III with Russia denying all principles of security that every power seeks; namely, friendly neighbors on its borders.

However, NATO wants NATO armies on Russia’s borders probably to eliminate any opposition might be left to counter the dead West’s delusion that Sharia law is superior to U.S. Constitution

Additionally, and by all means have unlimited refugees come in. Also include the maybes 2% who are active indoctrinated members of ISIS and al Qaeda.

They are well prepared to do terror and kill in the once great Western World.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

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