The American people are as dumbed down as possible when it comes to world affairs.

Republicans and Conservatives don’t get information that’s readily available and explain things to the American people. Government schools, leftist teachers and a media led by the New York Times shares Obama’s hatred of American strength and influence and its maintaining peace and stability in the world.

The American people are as dumbed down as possible when it comes to world affairs. They have little idea to the role of the United States, and even a basic understanding of the American Constitution. This was an experiment in self-government and constitutional democracy.

Obviously a man who lives for Arab Spring who,  even now, would prefer to be rid of al-Sisi and get the Moslem Brotherhood back in charge of Egypt to facilitate ISIS in Sinai. Perhaps he would think it even the better to go to war with Israel and maybe this time, win. With the collaboration of Secretary Clinton, he ran the catastrophe of getting Qaddafi killed to turn Libya over to the Jihadists. It was near reelection time and he lied to the American People and the world in a shameful way. Americans died heroically and unnecessarily because security was denied.

Her personal server and getting Foundation contributions – was payback included?

Rest assured, the Democrats will not nominate Elizabeth Warren or Joe Biden and they know Sanders would be an ignominious loser so THEREFORE, IT HAS TO BE HILLARY.

So Obama opens diplomatic relations with Cuba and appeases Iran to the point where one is entitled to think that Obama’s education was aimed at making Iran the Shia hegemon of the Moslem world for the purpose of settling the long Moslem civil

Our President has made his choice.

And naturally release the prisoners so they can go back to being Jihadists, and Cuba can regain sovereignty over the facility and America that will live without a naval base because the ruling circles don’t give a damn about American security.

What if ISIS operatives come in with refugees and do acts of terror, so what?



Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

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