Democrat Jews do not cover themselves with honor or glory

The Democrats of the the hard left America haters have turned to joining the Arab Jihadist haters of Israel & the West. It can truly can it be said that the new Obama-Clinton-Democrat-Party is blood enemy of Israel.

And going back in history one can see, as mentioned that Herbert Walker Bush lost in 1992, that cause of his loss was not so much Clinton but from his own defeat.

He reneged on his pledge, “Read my lips, no new taxes” and surrendered to the Democrats. His hostility to Israel made it hard for Jews to vote for him, I voted for Ross Perot who threw things away in July with the bit about family trouble with his daughter and never regained the momentum that could have placed the Presidential election in the House of Representatives.

I’ve read were W’s difference from HW as being grossly different versions of the same family. Ari Fleischer tells an anecdote that makes things clear.  After one Intifada attack, Ari relates the usual “mealy-mouthed” U.S. statement of evenhandedness was about to be made but W said no and Ari said from W’s instruction, “Israel has a right to defend itself.”  Period.

Quite a contrast to Obama’s hatred of Israel (and probably Jews as well)

Moreover, Democrat Jews do not cover themselves with honor or glory

but with shame – in House and Senate, from Schumer on down.

Contrary to “Jewish thinking” in America if you can call it thinking, the bulk of the Rabbinate is stuck in the ignorance of being Democrats.

Whereas Begin and Shamir dealt with the evangelicals who became the base of the Republican Party thereby cementing Republican friendship to Israel. Even the evangelicals, who harbored old anti-Semitism in terms of Catholic theology re Jesus, dealt with them and convinced them of the virtue of supporting Israel in a hostile Arab world.

Now, there appears to be “evangelical” cracks.

Francis has already initiated cracks in Catholic theology. The world seems to be going to hell as German bishops become dangerously secular and God seems to be forgotten. Merkel’s filling Europe with Moslems by the multi thousands. Who knows how many of these able bodied men of military age are agents of ISIS. Men ready to destroy Europe.

Europe is sick as long as their hatred of Jews and Israel remains, who cares if they are committing suicide through an Islamic Europe.

The end of borders, language and culture.



Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

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