So that’s why ISIS currently wins

Not what you’d hope for.

Re: Charlie Hebdo – clearly Islam strikes back…

Re: Paris and the French are turning themselves into pretzels denying ISIS is the Jihadist arm of Islamic conquest of the world now and forever to fulfill the Koran…

While they may be attacking ISIS they are making believe as in U.S. that terrorist attacks have nothing to do with Islam and Koranic religion.

That’s like saying the Holocaust had nothing to do with Hitler’s hatred of Jews.

In our United States…

Obama is blocking 75% of Terror targets for bombing.

Claims of “avoiding collateral damage.”

Pilots are returning with 75% of ordnance not dropped, pilots complain can’t get clearance for obvious ISIS military targets.

America’s political parties are both brain dead. It seems like one party secretly hopes Islam wins and the other worries more about Donald Trump than Western Civilization.

And truth be told: Jews and Christians both have an excuse not to go to services – they might have to sit next to a liberal.

So that’s why ISIS currently wins

The U.S. has the muscle coalition and refuses to use it

An immutable law of history is that as Islam is welcomed into a country. Their population grows and they make good legal use of all democratic rights. When they reach a certain population level as in Europe, there will be areas where the police and military are afraid to go unless a terrorist act has so inflamed the populace with great numbers of dead that they throw away the restraints and go and get them.

Inexorably when numbers get great enough they take over

GOD HELP Jews and Christians and Wazidis and kindred spirits who have to pay dhimmi taxes or face conversion or death – THAT IS THE FRUIT OF CURRENT U.S. POLICY


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit



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