It was the only way to fire-up American support for the war.

On the History Channel I happened to see some old documentary featuring Roosevelt’s Dec. 8 speech declaring war on Japan for “unprovoked attack.”

And there was verbiage there about the Pearl Harbor bombing attack being “…a great show of Japanese greatness.”


By the oil blockade and the diplomatic activity, Roosevelt for the sake of overcoming isolationism to be able to stand with Britain. It was the only way to fire-up American support for the war.

Note that Kimmel and Short were made scapegoats.  Washington knew the attack was coming and when it came that morning no emergency warning. This was the expected attack, this is war – casualties were necessary to get the people ready to fight after long stretch of economic depression.

And of course, for Japan, the attack was a colossal failure –

The aircraft carriers were at sea and the oil storage facilities were not attacked. Additionally, the ship repair facility was also not touched. America was given the good fortune and extraordinary quality of the two greatest admirals ever, Nimitz and Halsey.

In six months after the horror of the Death March, fall of Corregidor with Coral Sea and Midway, the rest of the war was long-term retreat for Japan and guaranteed American victory.


Contributor, The Bunny Rabbit

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