The American Jewish world sickens me with its century of loyalty and devotion to the Democrat Party

How will Charles Schumer and the rest of the Jews in Senate vote?  Rather obvious because as I’ve said for a long time their religion is Democrat Party and thus that’s why the practice of Orthodox Judaism is in essence a nullity.

The American Jewish world sickens me with its century of loyalty and devotion to the Democrat Party. Roosevelt was collaborating indirectly in the Holocaust by not lifting a finger – remember St. Louis and closing the doors to the twenty thousand Jewish children just waiting to enter.  And remember, Roosevelt promised Ibn Saud that there would never be a Jewish state in Palestine.

And it goes on and on… 

Bill Clinton went to war in the Balkans for Islam and pulverized the Serbs, the only people in the Balkans who didn’t collaborate with the Nazis to kill more Jews.

And after 2008, it was clear Obama’s love of Islam and hate for Israel (and now the European Union will sanction the settlements as if they are not as Jewish as Jerusalem itself. Obama’s America says it is not part of Israel.

From AIPAC to ADL to even the ones somewhat on the right –- always Democrat.

Look at the Democrat Jews in the current Senate and House – only Jewish in Jewish areas – in their districts, otherwise strictly in the Democrat pocket.

And worse yet, the synagogue service treats God as if he were an old man sitting on a throne – which is anthropomorphic enough to be considered idolatrous – and the Rabbis from left to right aren’t bright enough to figure that out.

Creation was not six earth days but six geologic eons, and the seventh day was not for infinite God matter energy continuum of universal extent to rest but for his creation to rest

It’s a pity that the Torah language was too much “poetry” and not enough reality.

At least I’ll say it straight and hope I’m not the only one.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

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