The liberals in America have bought the Moslem screed to the point of becoming Jew haters.

Long ago I swore I would never enter a reform shul.  Half the people eat pork or at least bacon and shrimp.


But that’s the trivial part.



They’re so left wing!  They believe Obama’s lies, vote for him, and then refuse to see the New Democrat Party led by the President, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid has taken the art of the lie and raised it to the level of expecting to fool God.




But now the problem is given the new orthodox represented by Chabad we find deliberate conscious refusal to get real.  Every week the Torah portion is discussed with the make believe as if something new can be found in it when in fact except for some moral teachings and punishments accorded to the actors, there’s nothing new and nothing related to the world of today and the threats that once staunch friends have become blood enemies and the rabbis and congregants are steeped in fear of coming clean and saying what needs saying.  Given that when things are said hostile to Obama and New Democrats, the Rabbi “shushes” you!




So there’s no more point in showing up for these services as well as reform.




So, it’s best to hold the religion to be Zionism and nationalism and defense of Israel especially since you can’t get the Rabbis to open their heads and view the 1967 war as God’s miracle with all the psychological factors of Nasser, Hussein and the Arab demoralization wherein Israel could have achieved the Messianic age with Temple Mount. — Jewish forever, and followed through with building before the years since then to now.  Having seen the Arab eradication of every Jewish archaeological site they could find to desecrate and destroy with Moslem Nazi hate.




The liberals in America have bought the Moslem screed to the point of becoming Jew haters.




The damn fool Jews are still Democrat and the Rabbis are plain afraid to alienate some leftist congregants.




They keep their mouths shut.




American Judaism goes down the toilet… continually flushed into nothingness




Observing Shabbat has no real meaning in terms of survival.



Contributor  – The Bunny Rabbit


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