never willing to fight media and Democrats, like the enemies they are of God and country

There comes a time to say in light of 2012 election and the way Romney threw it, not for money like the Black Sox in 1919, but for cowardice on the part of the Republican Party.

This includes his advisers, the so-called Republicans in the image of Karl Rove.

Including of course, the media, in the image of the German press owned lock, stock and barrel by Adolf Hitler (and, I think that’s a good analogy to the media and Barack Obama).

Thus, we have conservative organizations on the various fronts of guns, abortion, religious rights with petitions (you know where petitions go in this Administration) which are treated by the White House staff as the Ayatollahs treat the surrenders that come out of the mouths of Obama and his envoys

– With contempt and laughter at what fools the Americans are in one instance and the conservatives in the other.

It is just as I rage against my people who in 2012 continued to vote 2/3 for this man and party while at convention the NEW DEMOCRATS IN CONVENTION ASSEMBLED HOWLED THEIR RAGE AT THE FRAUDULENT ATTEMPT TO MODIFY THE PLATFORM TO INCLUDE JERUSALEM AS THE CAPITAL OF ISRAEL.

And, it is true that no American President of either party has moved the embassy to Israel’s capital.

But the rank attempt in an election they thought close to not lose Jewish votes and money given the delegates’ response should have produced rage and anger on the part of rabbis and laity.

But no, they live and die in fear. 

And in truth they are as useless as people who know well that its now wasting time in a country already past the point of no return.

Republicans are never willing to fight media and Democrats, like the enemies they are of God and country, are devoted as they are to Islam and atheism.


Contributor – The Bunny Rabbit

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