Obama’s patented frauds aided and abetted by the Democrat machine & media

Understand before it is too late…

Obama’s refusal to use certain words is not pacifism or misplaced reliance on peaceful negotiation and understanding of the others’ grievances.

On the contrary, it is the desire to turn the electorate’s mind without saying the truth in his heart, which would force the Democratic Party to repudiate him and his people in State and Defense.

The rank cowardice of the American Jewish organizations to face up to this reality indicates that when reality hits and Iran without nukes mobilizes its client organizations armed to the teeth as never before to begin the Golan invasion. Hollywood, academia where every Muslim canard against Israel and Judaism can be amplified by some of the garbage that one gets from those who agree with the American Jewish “J Street” left (jstreet.org) and in Israel- the publication, “Haaretz.”

Without question, had Morsi and the Brotherhood stayed in control in Egypt, the war against Israel would already had begun.

And, it would be a united Shia Sunni war of extermination.

There is an unmistakable and profound change in orientation of the Democrat Party under Obama’s tutelage. There are so many more anti-Israel, anti-Jerusalem sentiments as evidenced by the 2012 convention and the Jewish vote..

That was still 2/3 Obama. Which goes to my complete disillusionment of the modern American Jew.

Let it be said I saw the birth of Israel in my Bar Mitzvah year I did not expect to see Israel dead before me. As matters reveal themselves, we will know how the negotiations are going to go –

It is just another one of Obama’s patented frauds aided and abetted by the Democrat machine & media.


Contributor- The Bunny Rabbit

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